Reports in the Airtory Studio


By Sonal Agrawal

updated about 2 months ago

We understand that there are several stakeholders involved in executing an ad campaign, and notification is a must when it comes to campaign performance. The Airtory Studio allows you to schedule Reports for you to keep a track of performance.

  • On clicking the REPORTS tab from the Side Bar in the Airtory Studio, you will see a screen where you can create and schedule reports.
  • Click on the NEW REPORT button at the bottom right of the screen to generate a new Report.

  • Below are the details you will be asked to enter for the Report:
      • Report Name
      • The Time Zones in which you would like the data to be filtered
      • The frequency in which you would like to send the report
        • One Time
        • Daily
        • Weekly
        • Monthly
          • The email addresses to which the scheduled reports will be sent
          • FILTER: by the content of the report
            • Date Range: for which the report should contain the data. There are various different options mentioned below –
              • Yesterday
              • Last 7 days
              • Last 30 days
              • Custom: where you can set the custom date range
            • Creatives for which the report needs to be sent –
              • On clicking the SELECT CREATIVES button, a pop-up appears with the list of the Active Campaigns in your account
              • After clicking on the Campaign name, the list of the active Creatives appears from which you can select the Creatives for which you wish to schedule the Reports
            • After this, you can specify the range of the data breakdown you would like to be included in the Report on the following basis:
              • Hourly
              • Daily
              • Monthly
            • Lastly, you can select the different Performance Metrics that should be included in the Report
              • Once all the fields are defined, click on the EXPORT button at the bottom right of the screen, and your Report is good to go
              • The Report will be sent in an XLS format to all the email addresses mentioned in the Email field
              • After setting up the Report, you will be able to view it in the Reports section of the Airtory Studio
              • You can perform any of the following below actions for the Report from this window:
                • Pause
                • Edit
                • Download
                • DeleteYou can set up separate Reports for Display Creatives, Video Creatives, Trackers, Standard Creatives, and Landing Pages.

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