How to Set Up Trackers in the Airtory Studio


By Pratisha Panda

updated about 1 month ago

You can set up Trackers within the Airtory Studio to track Impressions, Clicks, and Viewability of your ad campaigns. You can also set up Conversion Trackers to assess the last-mile success of your ad campaign on your landing page or website.

Follow the below steps to set up a Tracker in the Airtory Studio: 

  •  Click on Trackers in the left panel of the Airtory Studio.
  •  Click on on the bottom right. And click on New Tracker to create a single tracker. Alternately, you can upload multiple trackers by clicking on Bulk Upload 
    • If you want to upload more than one tracker in a single go, click on Bulk Upload. 
  • You can choose your tracker type and upload the trackers in the preformatted Excel file. There are also samples available for Impressions, Click, and Conversion Trackers for your reference. 
  • When setting up a single Tracker, after clicking on New Tracker a pop-up will appear like the below image. Fill in the Tracker’s Name. Click on Tracker Type to select the type of tracker you want to set up. There are four types of trackers: Viewability, Conversion, Impression, and Click.
  • Then Fill in the Publisher’s Name and Advertiser’s Name and click on Create. Your tracker is created and you can find it in the list of trackers. Additionally, you can search your tracker in the search bar on the top of the page by Advertiser namePublisher NameTracker Type, and Name
  • Once you find your tracker, click on Integration Code. You will find your Tracking Code in a pop-up box. You can copy the Tracker Code and place it in the respective ad or page which needs to be tracked. 

Below is how you can set up each Tracker: 


  • Conversion Tracker: This is used to track a particular user action on a Website or Landing Page. For eg: filling a form or performing a purchase. If you have selected Conversion Tracker, you will see the below: You can copy the Conversion Tag and paste it on the page where you want to track the particular user action.
  • Viewability Tracker: This is used to track the viewable impression of an Ad on a particular webpage. 
    • When setting up a Viewability Tracker, you can set the value of the percentage of the ad in the viewport and for how many seconds.  The ad impression will be considered as viewed only if it meets the criteria set here. 
    • You can copy the Javascript code or the HTML Code basis your requirement.
  • Impression Tracker: This is used to track the Impression of an Ad. You can copy the Postback Code, Javascript code, or the HTML Code basis your requirements.
  • Click Tracker: This is used to track the Clicks on an Ad. You can copy the REDIRECT_URLPostback CodeJavascript code, or the HTML Code basis your requirements. 

With Airtory Trackers you can track ad and campaign performance for multiple ads which are not made on the Airtory Studio. Using the Conversion Tracker, you can know the number of users who have performed a particular action on your Landing Page.   

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