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By Pratisha Panda

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What Are Ad Trackers? What is Ad Tracking?

Generally, an Ad Tracker is a script on websites designed to derive data and user insights.

While Ad Tracking is the process of keeping track of how much of an impact an advertising channel has. You can use ad tracking to track the return on investment for ad spending. There are multiple methods advertisers can employ to collect this information, including tracking URLs, tracking pixels, and cookies. 

With Airtory Trackers, you can record exactly how effective your ad campaigns are by tracking Impressions, Clicks, and Ad Viewability. You can also use Conversion Trackers to know the number of users performing a particular action on a landing page or website. 

Airtory Ad Trackers

Advertisers on Airtory can leverage several different Ad tracking strategies which are most appropriate for their campaign objective and KPIs. You can use Airtory Trackers to check your Ad's clicks, impressions, viewability, and conversions. 

  • Conversion Trackers: It helps you find how effective your ad clicks lead to the important user actions on your websites, such as purchases, sign-ups, and form fill-ups.
  • Viewability Trackers: It helps you track only the viewable impressions of a particular Ad. By default, a display ad is counted as viewable when at least 50% of its area is visible on the screen for at least 1 second. In the Airtory Studio, you can set custom parameters for a Viewability Tracker as per your campaign objectives. 
  • Clicks Trackers: It shows you the collected data when a user clicks on text links, links in emails, or on other CTAs ( calls-to-action) on your Ads. 
  • Impression Trackers: These trackers fire when your ad is served and allows us to track impression data and the associated timestamps. 

For most vendors, you can append Airtory Trackers yourself or request assistance from your account manager. We create trackers for supported channels (Javascript or HTML Code). You can refer to this article to know how to set up these Trackers in the Airtory Studio.

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