A Guide to Airtory's Landing Page Builder


By Pratisha Panda

updated about 1 month ago

At Airtory, we have made it extremely easy to create compelling Landing Pages that are conversion orientated for you to drive traffic. 

Follow the below steps to create your Landing Page

  • Click on Landing Page Builder from the left panel on the Airtory dashboard
  • Here you will see the Landing Page Builder, hit on the Create New button at the bottom right of the page.
  • A pop-up appears where you can choose the type of Landing Page you want to create. There are two options available: HTML 5 and AMP. 
  • Once you select the Landing Page Type, another pop-up will appear where you can select a pre-created Layout based on your objective or you can select Blank.  
  • Once you arrive at this page, fill in your Landing Page Name and the campaign name. Expand General Settings. 
  • Insert your details in Page Title, Page Description, Favicon, and insert your Global Site Tag.
    • You can select the Domain of the Page you are creating from the drop-down menu. Click here to know more on how to customize the domains of the Landing Pages that are built using the Airtory Landing Page Builder. 
    • And under the Setup Robots Meta Tags, you can choose if you want this page to be indexed or not.
  • Once you have the General Settings in place, you can move on to putting together different Components to build your Landing Page. 
    • Scroll down to find the different Components available. 
    • Now, add the Components you want based on your requirements. For eg., we select LogoBar, Product Carousel, and Youtube. Then, Lead Capture (for any kind of lead information), Subscribe and a Footer to finish it up. It will look like the below image. 
  • Once you have selected all your components, you can drag each of them to order them as per the design you have in mind. Here you have the flexibility to move various components around at ease and go with the design that would have the best user experience. 
  • After finalizing the components you wish to include, you can customize each of them to suit the brand by clicking on the + sign against each. 
  • Don't forget to hit the SAVE button from the bottom right to ensure all your changes are in place. 
  • You can share the Preview link with the relevant stakeholders for review and feedback. 
  • Once the Landing Page has been finalized, click the Publish button. You have now successfully created a Desktop and Mobile responsive Landing Page.

With Airtory Landing Page Analytics, you can track the impressions, clickthroughs, and other detailed analytics. You can also find the user engagement metrics of each component. Learn how to access the Landing Page Analytics in this article

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