Airtory Landing Page Builder Analytics: An Overview


By Pratisha Panda

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Airtory Analytics of a Landing Page provides you the most viable and valuable insights to help you optimize in a timely manner and achieve your campaign objectives.  

Follow the steps below to access Analytics of a Landing Page:

  • After you have created your Landing Page and it has been published, you will find it in the Landing Page Builder tab by clicking on Landing Page Builder from the left panel on the Airtory Studio dashboard. 
  • Identify the Landing Page of which you want to view the Analytics. 
  • Click on the View Statistics button right next to the Landing Page Name.
  • The default date range for which the Analytics are displayed on this page is the last seven days. The date range can be modified by selecting from the drop-down menu.
  • The data which is displayed on the Analytics page can be downloaded in an Excel or PDF document at any time by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the page. 
  • The default data which is displayed on the Analytics page is:
    • Landing Page Summary –
      • Total Impressions: The number of times the Landing Page has loaded for the date range selected
      • Lifetime Impressions: The total number of impressions since the start of the campaign
      • Click-Through: The number of users who have clicked on the Landing Page to be redirected to the Client's Website
      • Lifetime Click-Through: Lifetime number of users who have clicked on the Landing Page to be redirected to the Client's Website
      • Total Time-Spent: The cumulative time spent by all the users on the Landing Page
      • Average Time-Spent: The average time spent by each user on the Landing Page
      • Daily Breakdown of Impressions: Graphical representation of daily Impression data for the date range selected. Hover over the points on the graph to see the exact numbers.
      • Hourly Breakdown of Impressions: Graphical representation of hourly Impression data for the date selected. Choose the date for which you want to see the hourly data from the drop-down menu.
      • Daily Impressions: Tabular representation of daily Impressions data of the date range selected.
      • Interaction Stats: Graphical representation of the interaction points for a particular component selected. To view the interaction stats of a different component, you can select the same from the drop-down menu.
        • Along with selecting a particular component to view the graph, you can also select for which metric/Event you would like to see the graphical representation. 
      • Daily Interaction Table: Day-wise tabular representation of all interaction points within the date range selected 
      • UTM Parameters: Individual metric data in a pie chart form. The different metrics can be selected from the tab menu. Hover over each section to see the exact number. 
  • All the Charts/ Graphs can be downloaded as individual images by clicking on the Download button next to them. 

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