Billing Information in the Airtory Studio


By Pratisha Panda

updated 11 days ago

The Airtory Studio is a self-serve platform empowering users to build and deploy ads with no dependency on others. For a seamless process, it is important to set up the relevant Billing Information. In this article, you will learn about viewing your Billing Information, Adding Credit & also about Invoices & Payment Details.

Submit your Billing Information:

Your account is activated and billing information is configured. Should you need to update your billing contact, contact details, add or remove email addresses to receive monthly invoices,

  • You will see the Billing tab in the left Navigation Bar under the Others section after logging into the Airtory Studio. 
  • An overview of the entire spending is available under the Summary Section. 

As you scroll down, you can review your spending which is categorized for easy viewing and understanding. You will be able to see separate information about Creatives, Landing Pages, Trackers & Videos here.

Adding Credit to your Account: 

By default, you are required to recharge your account run ads. Then, as your ads run and you accrue costs, the credit from your payment will decrease. When your payment is used up, your ads will stop running. Just don't forget to replenish your account! Here's how it works:

  • At the Billing Page, click on the Add Credit to make payment. 
  • A pop-up box will appear wherein you can fill in your Phone Number, Amount, and Card Details.

Invoice and Payment Details:

There are other modes of payment available for different categories of users. Please submit a request to Airtory Support/your Airtory Account manager to update invoice and payment details.

In case of any queries related to Billing & Payment, you can reach out to Airtory Support.

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