Adding Creatives to Campaigns in the Airtory Studio


By Sonal Agrawal

updated about 2 months ago

Each creative made within the Airtory Studio is categorized under a Campaign, which makes it easy to later search for to edit and track.

But first, How do I add creatives to a Campaign?

Once you have selected the Ad Format that you wish to build and have clicked on the Customize button, you can follow the steps listed below to set up a creative: 

  • Name the Creative
  • Upload the assets as per the specifications of the respective formats
  • Upload the fallback image
  • Enter the Call to Action (CTA) URL
  • On entering all the details, you can Preview the Ad by clicking on the PREVIEW button on the bottom right
  • Once the creative is good to go, you can generate the Ad Tag by clicking on the EXPORT button on the bottom right
  • You can also add a new creative from the Campaign Summary page by clicking on the ADD NEW CREATIVE button on the top right in the Campaign Summary 
  • Below the creative details, you can perform the following actions:
    • View Activity Log of the creative
    • Copy or Move the creative to different campaigns
    • View Statistics of the creative
    • Delete the creativeOnce the creative setup is complete, the ad is now ready to be Exported. You can learn how to Download Ad Tags in this Airtory Guide article. 

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